Well Babe is a curated guide to the wellness and beauty scene in Washington, D.C. and beyond. An editorial destination for results-oriented holistic wellness and beauty, Well Babe aims to create a space for navigating the ever-changing wellness and beauty scene. This is a place for you to gain inspiration, connect, and discover new ways to let your hair down, practice self-care, and find more beauty and peace in your everyday life.

Well Babe arose from a lifetime of fascination with wellness and beauty.  However, eight years ago, I really dove into the wellness scene and began to appreciate a more holistic way to approach beauty and the interconnection between our thoughts, what we put in and on our body,  and how we feel and radiate energy. I discovered a much deeper sense of beauty that comes from being at peace with yourself and treating your body, mind, and spirit well. When I moved from New York City to Washington, D.C., I found myself struggling with back pain and insomnia.  After hitting a brick wall seeking help from traditional doctors, I began to navigate the wellness scene in D.C. and ended up spending countless hours researching and checking out healers/therapies/practitioners/studios/teachers.  As a result, my back is doing much better now and I can sleep again.  What I found in D.C. was priceless: a thriving community of wellness gurus operating within this political hub. The Well Babe City Guide offers space for you, too, to discover this community of wellness and beauty events and learn from its practitioners and teachers.
If there's anything I've learned from diving fully into the wellness and beauty world, it's that there are a million ways to find your glow. We are on this journey to help you discover what brings you to your special place of wholeness. Sending you so much love and hoping you enjoy Well Babe!


-Mary Frances Dale
Founder + Editor

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