Crystals are all the rage- why now?


Rose quartz, tourmaline, jade. Everyone from Spencer Pratt to Gigi Hadid is dishing about their crystal collections and how they use them to de-stress, heal, and find inspiration. But why now?

Part of the current zeitgeist of crystals in mainstream pop culture could have to do with the need to escape the intense superficialities of phone and screen time to connect with something deeper and part of the earth. In that sense, a crystal that has been forming for billions of years in the deep hither-regions of the earth provides much-needed perspective to our current spot in the cosmos.

With the current political climate, city-life and virtual clutter, seeking the simplicity of nature provides a chance for reflection.

If you’ve been secretly hoarding a crystal tribe in your home, you’re not alone. As W Magazine noted, ”’It’s almost like having a dirty little secret, like can you believe gemstones are real? It’s like believing in fairies or something,” said the New York-based jewelry designer Anna Sheffield, who regularly incorporates gemstones into her pieces. “ But then you look around or bring it up in a meeting and then somebody pulls one out and says, ‘I never leave the house without this.’ Or, ‘I am wearing this necklace right now because I feel like I needed balance or something.'"

Where to get your crystal fix in Washington, D.C.:

Sacred Circle

The mater familias of crystal shops in the DMV, Sacred Circle embodies the new age vibes you’d expect in a crunchy mountain village.

Dupont Apothekary - by JRINK

From the Jrink Juicery team, this shop in Dupont has a witchy selection of elixirs, crystals, and all your needs for tuning into your energetic needs.

Take Care Shop

D.C. ultimate clean beauty shop curates an impressive range of crystals.

Mary Dale